Introducing Brute Force Baits Phantom 13- A fan favorite for pursuing Pike, Bass, Walleye. Proven and tested upon multiple bodies of water across Ontario. Check out our colours below:

Price $9.99+HST

Length 5” 1/4

Weight 3/8 oz

Proven to stand the battle from these aggressive pikes and plenty of other species. These fish cannot resist these custom colours, its like giving candy to a baby. Designed to mimic the bait fish swimming in waters that these fish habitat in.

Why Choose Phantom 13 from Brute Force:

Elevate your fishing game with the Phantom 13 by Brute Force Baits. From bass to pike, walleye to trout, this lure has proven its effectiveness across a diverse range of species. Join the ranks of successful anglers who have experienced the thrill of landing trophy fish with the Phantom 13. Order your Phantom 13 today and experience the difference that this bait can make in your pursuit of the perfect catch!

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