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More than happy with my spoons from Brute Force Baits as they put and absolute pile of fish in the boat today!
strong durable spoons that the lakers can’t resist.
Adam J
Local angler
We put em to the test. They all took fish today with the Green Machine, Muffin Top and Globy being the studs of the day. (You know you’re running the right baits when you get 5 hits at once)
Kyler Y
Fishing Guide
These lures have been nothing but great! On a slow day of fishing, I can always rely on my Brute Force Baits collection to get fish in the boat!
Aaron De Sousa
Local Angler/Guide

Dive into the mesmerizing dance of the Dirty Dancer – a lure that seduces even the most
elusive fish. With its unique action and lifelike appearance, this bait is designed to trigger
aggressive strikes. The dirty dancer is one of a kind , these vibrant colors help attract
multiple species including Walleye, Pike and beautiful Lake Trout. This lure was hand designed
and painted with care to help anglers find the right bite with the dirty dancer. Various styles to

Conquer the toughest fishing conditions with Tough Guy Spoons. These durable and versatile
spoons are crafted to endure the toughest battles, ensuring you’re equipped to handle any
challenge the water throws your way. The versatility never ends with these hand painted
spoons. Whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter, anglers find success using tough guy
spoons to target salmon, lake trout, pike and rainbow trout. With the respect to different
conditions upon the waters of targeting these species the tough guy spoons are offered in plenty
of different colourways customized to your preference.

Unleash the power of the Lurch – a formidable bait that dominates in both finesse and power
fishing. Its versatile design makes it a go-to lure for various conditions, ensuring you’re always
one step ahead on the water. Lurch was handcrafted and painted for those looking to catch big
walleye and big pike. The Lurch is an action packed bait that offers a ton of action when out on
the water targeting these species.

Make a bold statement on the water with the Slasher 11. This dynamic lure combines speed and
agility, creating a slashing action that entices predatory instincts. Perfect for those high-energy,
adrenaline-pumping fishing sessions. These jerk baits are crafted then beautifully hand painted
patterns and designed for multiple different species such as; Largemouth bass, Smallmouth
bass, pike and walleye. This versatile lure is one lure that you can rely on throwing in different
areas and depths. This is going to hook you up with a fish you are looking for, so don’t miss this
opportunity and throw this bait at the species of your choice.

Experience the mysterious allure of the Phantom 13 – a stealthy predator that prowls the depths
with unmatched precision. This lure is engineered for the angler who seeks the thrill of the catch
in uncharted territories. This bait is the irresistible bait, looking for a day filled with action from
big pikes hanging out in the weeds? Throw on the Phantom 13 and let this stickbait do the work
for you. The phantom 13 is offered in plenty of different vibrant hand painted patterns, so
choose your lucky pattern and get out of the water.

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