Introducing Brute Force Baits’ Tough Guy Spoons—a game-changer for anglers pursuing salmon, trout, and pike. These spoons have been custom painted colours that have been rigorously tested on the challenging waters of the Great Lakes. Check out our colours below:

Price $10.99+HST

Length (4″ 5/8)

Weight (5/8 oz)

Proven to withstand battles against the toughest predators in the great lakes. These giant fish cannot resist the custom colour patterns we have created that mimic the bait fish swimming around the great lakes from trout to salmon to pike.

Why Choose Tough Guy Spoons from Brute Force:
Proven Success: Trusted by anglers who demand performance and results, Tough Guy Spoons have proven their effectiveness in various fishing scenarios. Custom-painted with precision, these lures are a visual feast for the large fish inhabiting the Great Lakes. From the freshwater depths to the open water challenges, Tough Guy Spoons from Brute Force are painted to excel, and rigged to hold up during the toughest of fishing expeditions.

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