Introducing the Slasher 11. The pursuit of predators like bass, pike, and walleye demands a combination of skill, precision, and the right gear. Among all lures this lure is extremely versatile and is irresistible to several different species from large mouth to big pike to walleye, no matter
the fish you’re searching for make sure to be tossing the slasher 11 out.

Price 9.99+HST

Length (4″ 5/8)

Weight (1/2 oz)

Proven the attract and withstand the biggest fish of all targeted species. The fish can’t resist the action of these baits and the custom colour patterns always catch their attention flashing through the water.

Why choose Slasher 11 from Brute Force?

Proven Success: Trusted by anglers who demand performance and results, Slasher 11 have proven their effectiveness in various fishing scenarios. Custom-painted with precision, these lures are a visual feast for a variety of fish. Whether you are fishing open water or targeting specific underwater terrain, Slasher 11 are painted to excel, and rigged to hold up during the toughest of fishing expeditions.

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